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Meet Our Team


  • Craig Hecker

    Craig Hecker

    Chief Executive Officer

    Craig has been a leader in the small business funding space for more than eight years. He prides himself on building one of the best teams around him and believes the key to success is keeping morale high while having a streamlined process to effectively and efficiently get the job done. "I am very process oriented and in constant pursuit of building the most sustainable systems from the top of the funnel to the bottom," says this University of Michigan graduate. In his free time, Craig keeps active with hockey and skiing.

  • Scott Kaplan

    Scott Kaplan

    Chief Operating Officer

    Scott Kaplan brings more than 23 years of experience to Rapid Capital Funding. His duties include overseeing the operations of the organization with an emphasis on the credit, funding and collections departments. This Duke University graduate is the father of two who enjoys skiing in his off time.


  • Scott Griest

    Scott Griest

    Managing Director

    Scott has more than nine years in the small business funding industry and 15 years in the financial services space. He was the founder and CEO of American Finance Solutions (which was acquired by Rapid Capital Funding), Co-founder and COO of Consolidebt, and founder and CEO of Second Chance Finance before joining RCF. Scott has been heavily quoted and authored numerous industry articles. Among other duties, Scott oversees RCF's west coast operations and facilities. In Scott's downtime, he enjoys surfing and traveling.

  • Steven Harris

    Steven Harris

    Credit Manager

    As the credit department manager, Steve manages the pre-approval process (front-end) and works with the closing team to support existing approvals (back-end). His management focus is on training and continuous improvement. When he's not working with his team of credit analysts, Steven can be found enjoying a round of golf, boating and participating in philanthropic events like hosting charity golf tournaments.

  • Kristine Hernandez

    Kristine Hernandez

    Funding Manager

    Kristine has been in our industry for more than six years and manages the daily funding for Rapid Capital Funding (RCF). She is a lifelong learner and balances work, her studies with her personal interests of traveling, working out and spending time with friends and family.

  • Jeff Myatt

    Jeff Myatt

    EVP Technology

    Jeff has more than 18 years of experience in IT and has handled the management of both on- and offshore call centers. His broad experience has allowed him to lead numerous successful marketing campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies. At Rapid Capital Funding, Jeff is responsible for platform design and architecture as well as the daily operational function of the RCF platform that includes development, troubleshooting, and user support.

  • Pernell Rachel

    Pernell Rachel

    Portfolio Director

    Pernell has been in the collections field for more than 20 years — 14 of which were spent as director of operations/human resources with collection law firms and sub-prime auto financing. At Rapid Capital Funding (RCF), he is responsible for the day-to-day administrative, operations and strategic functions of the collections department. In his free time, Pernell enjoys bowling and bicycling.

  • Richard Sablon

    Richard Sablon

    EVP Technology

    Richard has more than 25 years in the business and has been the developer and creator of dozens of communications and computer-related products and services. At Rapid Capital Funding, he focuses and oversees all technology-related processes and procedures including identifying strategic and trending business goals. Outside the office, Richard can be found riding his Harley or volunteering as a long-standing board member of the Boys and Girls Club special events committee.

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