• Tips For Managing Conflict In the Workplace

    conflict in the workplace

    Posted by James Pesta
    January 15th, 2016

    No matter how hard you try to create a positive work atmosphere, conflict in some form is inevitable. Whether it’s between a manager and employee, between co-workers, or worse yet, between an employee and a customer — people can squabble when the pressure is on. But, not all conflict has to be negative.Read more
  • Why You Need A Local Chamber of Commerce Membership

    chamber of commerce

    Posted by James Pesta
    January 9th, 2016

    We live in a world where results are just a click away, relationships begin without a single face-to-face interaction and millions of people can learn about your business with one query. Business success that used to take years to achieve is increasingly more attainable with the digital resources to which we’ve become accustomed,. When thinking about the best ways to grow your professional network, traditional methods may not be top of mind, but your local chamber of commerce is a gold mine of professional resources that can help grow your business. The best part is, it’s fueled by the human connections that are irreplaceable by screens and clicks.Read more
  • Buy Local Is More Than Just A Bumper Sticker

    buy local

    Posted by James Pesta
    January 4th, 2016

    “Buy Local” has been shouted from the rooftops of mom and pop storefronts for years, but the cries have gotten louder – permeating more industries – and become the way to do business, rather than just a clever marketing slogan.Read more

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