• How To Speed Up Your Funding And Avoid The Dreaded Killed Deal

    Posted by SCOTT GRIEST
    26 February, 2018

    As the world of small business financing continues to mature, we are seeing that the price of a product is becoming less of differentiator. Instead, the service and speed of funding contracts is quickly becoming the factor for funding companies. At Rapid Capital Funding, we've taken significant steps by investing in systems and people to address this issue. Over the past few months we have improved our speed of funding contracts significantly, by two business days, with most contracts funding in under four days.

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  • 7 Hacks to Up Your Holiday Productivity

    Posted by ASHLEY LITTLES
    21 November, 2017

    Between the parties, presents and preparations, the holiday season leaves everyone running in a million different directions with distractions a-plenty.  And let’s face it — it’s quite difficult to stay focused on business with visions of sugar plums dancing about in our heads. 

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  • What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About Holiday Pay

    Posted by ASHLEY LITTLES
    26 October, 2017

    By now your holiday preparations should be in full swing as we start the downhill roll toward the year’s end that seems to increase at warp speed after Halloween. One issue to consider before those big days arrive is holiday pay.

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